Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner Online Training

We now have people becoming Certified Crystal Healers ALL across the world!!.

Would you love to become a Certified Crystal healer or add this Training to your current clinic Environment??.

With my years of experience, I will teach you a powerful Energetic Healing Modality, Crystal Healing. 

Our Certified Crystal Healers Course is also recognized by the International Institute of Natural Therapies, which allows you to get Insurance fro your business across the world!

We are currently offering a Special offer of $129 AUD plus Postage of Crystals or $ 79 AUD if you supply your own Crystals

This is a self paced course!

Topics Covered-

Module 1-What is Crystal Healing?
Module 2- Learn how to use Muscle testing to identify blockages in the chakra system
Module 3- Learn about the 7 major chakras and the glands and organs associated.
Module 4- Learn about which crystals are better suited to particular chakras.
Module 5- Learn how to cleanse your crystals and prepare then to assist in healing.
Module 6- Learn how to work with universal energy.
Module 7- Learn how to energise the chakras using universal energy.
Module 8- Learn how to energise the chakras using hands on energy healing.
Module 9- Learn how to cut energetic cord on your client.
Module10-Learn how to release energetic hooks from your client.
Module11-Learn how to release energy form your client using the vacuum technique.
Module12-Learn to hold the space so healing can be activated
Module13-Learn how to manage your energy.
Module14-Learn how to document your client’s details.
Module15-Learn How to conduct a crystal healing session.

Please note: This course is trademarked and is the intellectual property of Serenity Natural Health ™.

Course will Include:

-Course Manual
-Chakra Crystal Kit ( Includes 7 Crystals to match each chakra )
-Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group that Includes our Training Videos
-Learn and be guided by Natalie who is a Diploma Qualified Kinesiologist and the creator of the powerful healing modality Kinesi-Crystal Therapy (tm)

INVESTMENT- $129 AUD plus postage. (Manual & Crystal Kit)

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Level 1 Certified Kinesi-Crystal Therapy Online Training

Our level 1 kinesi-crystal therapy course is a prerequisite for our Certified practitioner training. You can also study level 1 to use for your personal use to share with your loved ones and family. If you wish to use this powerful modality in a clinic environment you need to become a certified practitioner, so you are equipped with all the right tools to effectively help your clients.

We have several different study options available.

We run several workshops throughout the year. We require a minimum of 6 people to proceed with the course.
Investment- TBA

One on one training face to face. This is for those you are unable to make the workshops due to commitments. We can tailor a time to suit your personal needs.

Investment- $449, includes- one on training, manual and crystal kit.

Study online-

This is designed for our international,and interstate students or for those who prefer to study at home.

Investment- $449, Includes manual, crystal kit, videos and skype coaching.

Please find below the modalities included in Level 1.

Module 1

- What is kinesiology
-Hydration and it's importance
-Learn how to balance central meridian
-Learn switching ( Upgrade to our practitioner training).
-Learn basic muscle testing.(Upgrade to our practitioner training to learn one more muscle test positions)
-Learn how to create goals.
-Learn how to discover underlying emotions using emotion charts.
Establish a time frame, eg, an age where this emotion first presented itself in your life.

Module 2

-Learn about the chakras ad the rol they play with the energetic body.
- Discover hoiw the chakras are related to meridians, organs, and glands in the body.
-Learn to identify chakras/ meridians- ( In our certified practitioner training course we explore the meridian system in more detail).
-Learn how to balance the meridian system using neurovascular points.
-Discover how to energise a chakra using your hands to energise the body.
-Learn about affirmations and the power of positive thought.

Module 3

-What is crystal therapy?
-Discover which crystals are best suited to particular chakras.
-Learn how to Energise the crystals with hands on healing that will balance the chakra system.

Kinesi-Crystal Therapy Practitioner Details & Pricing

Are you ready for a career change or wanting to complement your existing therapy business?

Become a Certified Kinesi-Crystal Therapist!

Hi, my name is Natalie and I created Kinesi-Crystal therapy after many years of experience with Crystal Therapy and my experience as a Diploma Qualified Kinesiologist. After the success of the workshop, I have now decided to teach people how to use this powerful modality in their own business as a practitioner.

In this course, I will teach you the art of Muscle testing, which will help your clients identify underlying emotions that are holding them back from achieving their goals.

I will also show you how to get your clients to release these blocks that are holding them back, using a combination of Kinesiology and Crystal Therapy techniques.

Below are the course modules:

Module 1: What is Kinesiology?

  • Learn about switching (brain reversal)
  • Hydration and its importance.
  • Learn how to Balance central meridian
  • Learn basic Muscle testing.
  • Learn how to muscle check your client.
  • Learn how to create goals.
  • Learn how to discover underlying emotions using emotion charts.
  • Learn about meridians and the organs / emotions associated with them.
  • Learn to establish a timeframe EG: an age where this emotion first presented in your life.
  • Learn how to identify soul memories and genetic links.
  • Learn Emotional stress release that will shift the emotional blocks.
  • Assessment.
  • 30 min skype coaching call upon completion of assessment

Module 2: Learn how to energize the chakras

  • Learn about chakras and the role they play with the energetic body.
  • Discover how the chakras are related to certain organs and glands in the body.
  • Learn to identify where the chakras are located in the body.
  • Discover how to energise the chakras using your hands to energise the body.
  • Learn about affirmations and the power of positive thought.
  • Learn how to create a safe space and environment for your client.
  • Assessment.
  • 30 min Skype coaching call upon completion of assessment.

Module 3: What is Crystal Therapy?

  • What is crystal therapy?
  • Discover which crystals are best suited to particular chakras.
  • Learn how to energise the crystals using a hand’s on technique that balances the chakra system.
  • Assessment
  • 30 min skype coaching coach call upon completion of assessment.

Module 4: What is Kinesi-Crystal  

  • Understanding Kinesi-Crystal Therapy
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your client.
  • Learn how to work with different cultures and belief systems
  • Learn how to conduct a kinesi- crystal consultation from to start to finish.
  • Learn how to answer Kinesi-Crystal related questions
  • Assessment
  • 30 min Skype coaching call upon completion of assessment.

Module 5: How to use Kinesi-Crystal in a clinic environment.

  • Learn how to take a client’s details for insurance purposes.
  • Learn how to set up your clinic space.
  • Learn about how long a session should go for and when to follow up with your client.
  • Learn how to create your business.
  • Learn how to get insurance for your business
  • Learn how to advertise your business.
  • Learn when to refer your client on to other health professionals.
  • Assessment
  • 30 min Skype coachingcall upon completion of assessment.

Module 6: Learn Expertise in a health care setting

  • Learn How to manage a health practice.  
  • Learn about Duty of care to clients.
  •  Learn to work effectively in a clinic environment.
  • OH & S in a health care setting.
  • Responsibilities and risk management.
  • Learn professional boundaries and sexual conduct.
  • 30 min Skype coaching call upon completion of assessment.

Module 7- Revision

  • Kinesi-Crystal Assessment
  • Online Case Studies X 6 to be completed within the 12 week timeframe
  • One of the case studies needs to be supervised via skype with Natalie. *Please note, if you do not have skype there will be an additional charge to attend our clinic.
  • Booking of Practical studies
  • 30 min Skype coaching call upon completion of assessment.

Duration: 12 weeks, including 8 hours of Practical in a supervised clinic environment in the Berwick area.