Kinesi-Crystal Therapy ( tm)

Lay down and relax as Natalie clears your Meridian System with Crystal healing and gets to the core of any issues that may be of concern. Using a combination of Kinesiology and Crystal Healing Techniques, this is a VERY Powerful Healing experience.  


Face to Face @ $ 160   ( 60 Minutes )

Kinesi-Crystal Therapy  is officially Trademarked and Copywrited under " Serenity Natural Health " 2018

REIKI 3 In 1 

If you have ever experienced REIKI, well this is 100 times more powerful. Natalie will connect with your Past, Present & Future and Heal you on an Energetic, Emotional & Physical level. We have spent the last 12 Months working directly with the Ascended Masters to build and create this incredibly powerful Healing Modality. REIKI 3 in 1 incorporates, the most powerful techniques that Natalie has learnt as a REIKI MASTER and Diploma Qualified Kinesiologist and the direct teachings from the Ascended Masters.

ce to Face $ 160  ( 1 Hour )

Facebook Messenger Video $ 140  ( 1 Hour )

* REIKI 3 In 1 is officially Trademarked and Copywrited under " Serenity Natural Health " 2018

Distant healings

Experience the powerful energy as Natalie Channels Energy directly to you. This can assist with poor health and Emotional issues. Natalie has been doing Distant Healings for people all across the world for many years and has seen amazing results.


Distant @ $ 60  ( 30 Minutes )

Spiritual Development Coaching

Take advantage of Natalie's many years of spiritual teachings and learn to gain access into Universal source and Your higher mind, allowing you to always make the correct decisions and be in the right place at the right time


Facebook Messenger Video / Call @  $130 Per Hour

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